Think “going green” will cost some green? There are ways to live a healthier life and be easier on the environment without spending a penny:

Stop buying water: Ditching plastic bottles of water and using reusable containers will save big bucks in the long run. Also, opting to buy concentrated juices is a cheaper alternative to buying many jugs of juice. Instead of using costly irrigation systems in the yard, rain barrels or other collection devices do the work for free.

Sell the small stuff: Got gadgets and other electronics collecting dust? They are valuable even if they don’t work. Many major retailers accept old electronics and will give you a store gift card in return. And online sites will pay for you to ship them your stuff and you’ll get a check after they receive it. The items get resold or recycled. And consider clothing, sporting goods and kids’ consignment shops.

Refuse to waste gas: To maximize your car’s fuel efficiency and lower emissions, keep your tires properly inflated, avoid aggressive driving where you accelerate and brake frequently, use cruise control on flat terrain, avoid driving with extra weight, and keep up routine maintenance. Another smart idea: Turn the engine off if you’ll be idling for more than 30 seconds.

End paper towels: The cheapest paper towels are about a dollar per roll. Save that money and keep dish towels and rags handy. It’s more eco-friendly to wash them.

Lighten your laundry load: Switch to cold water to see instant energy savings.