Summey ‘kidnapped’ for cause

The Rev. Bill Stanfield is CEO of Metanoia. (Brad Nettles/

Metanoia, the North Charleston faith-based nonprofit, is launching a fundraising effort Monday, the day Mayor Keith Summey is kidnapped. The kidnapping is part of the fun, of course.

The fundraiser, conceived by Metanoia CEO Bill Stanfield, is based on the board game Clue and involves several high-profile public figures, all of whom have recorded video statements.

The videos will be posted online at nearly every day through Aug. 3, when the mystery will be solved.

Anyone can participate for $25. Registered “investigators” will receive a clue and the chance to figure out who kidnapped Summey and where he was held. Those who guess correctly will have a chance to win a minimum $250 reward. For each registered participant, an extra $3 will be added to the reward pool, Metanoia spokeswoman Barbara Kingsbury said.

North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt will announce the kidnapping on Monday. Police spokesman Spencer Pryor will keep participants informed as the investigation progresses.

Suspects in the crime are businesswoman Anita Zucker, Charleston County Councilmen Elliot Summey and Teddie Pryor, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, broadcaster Tessa Spencer, weatherman Rob Fowler and Charlie the RiverDog.

Stanfield said the project is meant to provide Metanoia supporters with a different and fun way to help the organization.

Kingsbury said the whole cast has been enthusiastic about the initiative. One video shows Summey’s office turned upside down. Riley played his part like a pro, showing great indignation that he should be accused of the crime, Kingsbury said.