Crave a burger and fries? Rushing to fill a few prescriptions or grab some cash?

Need some prayer?

No problem, not these days. Just zip through a drive-through.

First Free Will Baptist Church in North Charleston is holding a free Drive Thru Prayer Event for the public from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. People don't need to be Free Will Baptist church members, or members of a church anywhere, to stop by.

"We are a Bible-based church, rooted in Jesus Christ, and firmly believing in the power of prayer," says member Christopher Jones. "As a growing church, we have a desire to serve and to be seeking opportunities for outreach. With that being said, we want to serve our community simply by affording ourselves to them for prayer."

People who need prayer are invited to pull into the parking of the church at 3633 W. Montague Ave., meet a prayer team, and voice their spiritual needs. Designated prayer teams will pray with all drivers without asking that they even exit their cars.

"There is no obligation," Jones says. "We are not seeking donations, we are not conducting church recruitment, and there are no gimmicks."

This a first for Free Will Baptist, although Jones says he heard about the idea from another church. A friend mentioned it, so Jones brought it up at prayer meeting. Church members decided it was a great outreach opportunity.

"We pray that people would be encouraged by the fact the God answers prayer and, second, that people would find comfort in that complete strangers would care for them by joining them in prayer," he says.

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