The gift I received from my mother was her example of grace. Only recently did I come to view this has her greatest gift to me. For years and years, I recognized my mother’s love and kindness to others as her gift in this world. It brought her happiness as well as all of us on the receiving end; mostly family and friends and sometimes those she didn’t know well.

When she was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 2010 I saw my gentle and loving mother become a focused and determined patient. I had never seen her so focused on a goal. Her prognosis was “good” and she fought like a winner. She had radiation treatments five days a week for more weeks than any of us care to remember. At her follow-up appointment she was told the cancer was still growing and she had three to maybe six months to live. There was nothing more they could do.

In her remaining months of life, not one time, not once, did she say “why me.” She recognized her blessed life and knew this was now what God asked of her. This was her cross to bear here on Earth. Thank you, Mom, for showing me the beauty of grace.

Janet Chafe

Seabrook Island