To learn something new and find something beautiful every day, that is what Mom lived and taught me by example.

My mom lived this even during her terrible days of fighting colon cancer. She would have Dad drive a new road to see the vegetable gardens and friends tending them. Every day was a day for learning and reading newspapers and books. Mom and Dad discussed current events, and he played her favorite tunes on the piano.

Yes, spring in the Lowcountry is flowery, showy. My parents enjoyed their walks around Colonial Lake during their Charleston visit. Wisteria in South Carolina and lilacs in New England were favorites of hers. Mom always reminded my older sister and younger brother to stop and smell the flowers in Maryland, where we grew up, at the beach, where we vacationed, and in Maine, where we summer still today.

Every day can be beautiful if we look for it. Mom lived that way, and I try to emulate her lovely life.

Martha F. Barkley

North Charleston