Gershom Gorenberg, a visiting professor in the College of Charleston’s Jewish Studies Program, will offer a lecture Sunday morning about Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The free talk, titled “Jerusalem: The Politics of Myth,” is scheduled for 10 a.m. in Arnold Hall at the Jewish Studies Center, 96 Wentworth St. It will be preceded by a bagels-and-lox breakfast.

The city is considered sacred to members of the three monotheistic religions, and its future depends in part on the stories people tell about its past. Gorenberg, an American-born Israeli, will describe the overlapping myths, how they affect the conflict and how they might contribute to a peaceful resolution.

Gorenberg is a distinguished journalist and author, a self-described progressive Orthodox Jew who has written for The American Proespect, The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, Haaretz and The Jerusalem Report. His latest book is “The Unmaking of Israel.”

At the College, he teaches a class called “Writing Israel’s History.”