Devoted mother was an inspiration

Dr. Francine Margolius with her mother, Minnie Rockwood.

“God could not be present everywhere, so he created mothers.” — Old proverb

The greatest gift my mother, Minnie Rockwood, gave me was her unconditional love and her belief I (and my two siblings) were her greatest gifts in life.

Mother’s challenging and difficult childhood served to strengthen her character, her love of life, her optimism against all odds and absolute devotion to her children. She glowed with pride for accomplishments I sometimes didn’t realize I achieved. She was my inspiration to be the best person I could be for others as well as myself (in that order).

She loved to read, listen and learn. She believed in working hard to achieve one’s dreams and convinced me early in life that the greatest accomplishments were those earned and enjoyed no matter the hardships. Her kindness, forgiveness, love for laughter, interest in others and uncanny common sense won her friends, young and old, seeking her out for advice, insight, sharing and just plain fun throughout her 93 years.

I can’t imagine my life without having my mother in it. With all the millions of mothers in this world, she was the perfect mother for me.

Mother passed away almost five years ago, but I am forever surrounded by her love and her belief that I matter in this great big beautiful world.

Dr. Francine R. Margolius

Medical University of South Carolina