Art Music Justice Tour comes to Charleston on April 17


The International Justice Mission (IJM), the world’s largest international anti-slavery organization, will host the Art Music Justice Tour, a special night of songs, stories and prayer in downtown Charleston in the fight to end slavery around the world.

The concert will feature some of Christian music’s most acclaimed singer/songwriters, including Brandon Heath, Sara Groves and duo Jenny & Tyler.

The focus is to bring freedom to the nearly 36 million around the world who are living in slavery today.

Thirty local churches are coming together to coordinate the concert at 7 p.m. April 17 at Second Presbyterian Church, 342 Meeting Street.

“We are so excited about this unique night with a house band, artists singing on each other’s songs and updates from the field, all in a unified voice to share about God’s work in this world through his people,” said Troy Groves, IJM’s director of events and artist partnerships. “This will be a great encouragement to the church and a lot of fun.”

“Human trafficking is coming to the forefront of America’s consciousness,” said Christian singer/songwriter Brandon Heath. “If we can use our talents and our voices, we can inspire people to awareness and action. Nobody is more effective than IJM in the fight against slavery.”

“We’re honored to share the stage with some of our favorite songwriters and join in a conversation about the global reality of injustice and the heroic, sometimes miraculous, stories of redemption and freedom,” added duo Jenny & Tyler.