Judging from recent news cycles, we are swiftly closing in on the Age of Endless Adolescence.

One item featured a photo of a middle-age man in a tub with two wine glasses beside him. Everyone thought it was another Cialis ad. It turned out to be GSA Chief Jeffrey Neely childishly blowing through hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Then Secret Service agents who cavorted with Colombian hookers when they were securing premises before the president’s arrival shuffled home with their tails between their legs. They looked like school boys busted for stealing the rival teams’ mascot.

Dallas Maverick Delonte West was fined $25,000 by the NBA for giving a Utah Jazz player a “wet willy.” A “wet willy,” is when someone licks their finger and sticks it in another person’s ear. (Noogies on the sideline!)

If you’re over 21 and you’ve been doing the responsible adult thing, working, paying taxes, managing your money well, being faithful to your spouse, drawing boundaries for your kids, enjoying weekends in a moderate fashion and contributing to the well-being of those around you, you are so last century.

Would the last grown-up to leave the room turn off the lights?

Maturity is out. The perpetual teenager is in. But change can be hard to embrace for those who haven’t adapted to the new immaturity.

Here’s one more suggestion for the Dallas Mavericks: swirlies in the locker room.