Even though summer in the Lowcountry lingers longer than in places like, say, Manitoba, this past week I've definitely felt a chill in the air, especially in the early mornings.

When it comes to fashion, sometimes the switch from summer to fall can be awkward. Is it OK to start wearing sweaters already? How do you dress when the mornings are cool and the afternoons still hit the mid-80s? What's the rule on wearing summer dresses?

It's enough to make a girl's head spin.

Luckily there's help.

The website WhoWhatWear.com recently did a story on transitioning from summer to fall in a way that slowly incorporates the new fall must-haves. It's all about easing into the cooler weather in a stylish way and figuring out how to master the "between-seasons wardrobe."

I applied some of their tips to my closet and came up with a few ideas that, hopefully, will carry me through the late summer/early fall season.

One easy trick is to throw on a jean jacket, which I paired with a lightweight sleeveless dress. A fitted jean jacket in a dark wash never goes out of style, and it's a perfect way to deal with those cooler mornings. It can take something dressy and give it a more casual spin, or you can go the other route and "chic it up" by adding a skinny belt or a brooch, making it an edgier substitute for a blazer.

Another cute transitional look is by adding a chunky scarf to a tank top. I've seriously never met anyone who didn't look completely stylish with a scarf casually wound around her neck. My favorite spin on this look is to go the simple route of scarf, tank and jeans. Just make sure to add some great accessories. An infinity scarf also can be worn as a shrug (great for cooler weather) if you turn it sideways and slip your arms through the openings.

One of the more surprising trends this fall is the white turtleneck, but it also happens to be incredibly versatile. Layer it under floaty tops or summery dresses for a warmer and completely of-the-moment look.

Other ways of transitioning from summer to fall include tossing on a sweater (I'm especially loving cropped fisherman styles) with a pair of shorts and adding tights to all those summer dresses you're not ready to say goodbye to just yet.

These tips are intended to help people ease into the fall season, but it's also about getting the most mileage out of the clothes we already have. And who doesn't love that?

Rebekah Bradford is a freelance writer based in Charleston. Reach her at rebekah.bradford@gmail.com.