As the youngest of my dad’s three daughters, I know how important it is to deliver a big “thanks” on Father’s Day. Despite being the only man in the family, my dad has met every challenge with a jolly smile and a quirky sense of humor, and for that, he deserves a little more than just a neck tie.

Believe it or not, I actually look forward to buying gifts for Father’s Day. Dads aren’t too difficult to buy for, and if you find the right stuff, the gifts you give him will actually be put to use. Be on the lookout for these deals while you shop for your dad this weekend.

Kmart’s circular this week is loaded with good deals on items that would make for great Father’s Day gifts. If your dad is an outdoorsman, look for deals on fishing and camping gear. All fishing rod-and-reel combos are 15 percent off. Portable furniture such as the canopy chair by Sportcraft, on sale for $20, and a folding hammock by Northwest Territory, $49, are fun additions to any camp site.

Many tools are on sale at Royall Ace Hardware on Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant. Buffers and circular saws by Craftsman are marked down to $30. They also have plenty of good deals on smaller tools, such as $15 screwdriver sets. Hand tools and accessories by Irwin are on sale for $10 each.

TV and music accessories are great gifts for high-tech dads. Wireless Bluetooth speakers are popular right now because they’re portable and offer just enough volume for the beach or other outdoor activities. Radio Shack has smaller speakers for $30, about $10 off, and larger ones from $60-$80.

If you want to throw in a gift for your dad’s youthful side, check out Radio Shack’s deals on remote control toys such as helicopters, planes and even bugs, some of which are on sale for as low as $5.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in North Charleston is a sensible spot to shop for gifts because they offer such a wide array of items for extra low prices. Outdoor games such as horseshoe and badminton sets are marked down to $30, toss games are $25 and footballs are $15. Ollie’s also has hair cut kits and trimmers for less than $10, and a back massaging seat cover by Dr. Scholl’s on sale for $20.

If you want to impress your dad, you’ll probably want to steer clear of the clothing aisles.

Dress shirts and ties don’t exactly call for a celebration, no matter how sensible they may seem. Instead, look for gifts that will enhance his hobbies or interests.

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