The Netflix documentary Chasing Coral, which featured College of Charleston professor Phil Dustan, won an Emmy Award Monday for “Outstanding Nature Documentary.”

The film follows a team of marine biologists as they travel across the globe and document the devastating effects of coral bleaching as the Earth’s temperature rises. Dustan, a marine biologist, played a key role in the film.

Dustan took filmmakers Jeff Orlowsk and Richard Vevers to a reef off the Florida Keys. What they saw “blew their minds,” he said.

In 2016, The Post and Courier featured Dustan’s work in “Fade to White,” a story that described the carnage in reefs as close as one off Charleston and as far as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Near the end of Chasing Coral, Dustan says: “Do we need forests? Do we need trees? Do we need reefs? Or can we sort of just live in the ashes of all of that?”

In May, Chasing Coral also won a Peabody Award.