When was the last time you took Dad to a Father's Day brunch? Probably never, right?

Father's Day is usually about letting Dad get away from it all.

If you take a glance at the card aisle, you'll find images of dads tinkering with their toolboxes or swinging clubs on a golf course. A day of fishing? Of course. What says "Dad" better than a day away from the family?

At least, that's what the card companies seem to have us all believing.

So why is that moms have to be feted with an overpriced and overcrowded brunch? Just when we could all use a little silent treatment, we're supposed to be thrilled that we get to spend time together over eggs Benedict. We're not saying we don't love our families, but it's not "Family Day," right?

Take a hint from Father's Day and let Mom do her own thing this Mother's Day. If it's about celebrating her, then all she really wants is some time on her own. Trust us. We know.

Stumped? Here are some possibilities. And dads, it's your responsibility to figure out what to do with the kids while Mom's getting pampered.

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