If the First Lady Hired Me...

Lowcountry resident Justin Hopson has published his second book, “If the First Lady Hired Me...: A Private Eye’s Tell-All of Cheating in America.”

A signed hardcover copy of the book is available for $29.99 at https://www.justinhopson.com/orders. The book also is available in paperback and audio formats and can be purchased from online retailers.

Hopson was a state trooper in New Jersey before he became a private investigator. He has worked on more than 100 divorce cases involving infidelity, and it’s that experience that informs his new book. In it, Hopson discusses real-life conflicts, describes why some people are unfaithful, and offers advice on how to catch a cheater.

Hopson’s first book, “Breaking the Blue Wall,” recounts his experiences with corruption in the police force and the “blue wall of silence” that protects cops.

—Adam Parker

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