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Roxana Robinson is an accomplished novelist, a biographer and a scholar of 19th-century and early 20th-century art. Her essays and short stories have appeared in The New York Times, Harper's, The New Yorker, Vogue and other magazines. She has contributed book reviews to the Times and The Was…

Adam Tate’s new book “Catholics’ Lost Cause” is a welcome addition to the scholarship on the history of religion in the South. Tate explores the efforts of three antebellum Catholic bishops, John England, Ignatius Reynolds and Patrick Lynch, to convince Southerners, and South Carolinians in particular, that Catholics were good Americans as well as good Southerners.

Author Patrick K. O'Donnell's "Band of Brothers"-style chronicle details the exploits of various aggregates of Maryland's citizen soldiers, not only the 400 men who saved the army from annihilation at the Battle of Brooklyn, but those who turned the tide in many a critical battle, becoming the first elite unit of the Continental army. Fighting in both North and South, these “Immortals” proved to be Gen. George Washington's most trusted force.