Most of us are guilty of fashion no-nos. But certain style choices irk the opposite sex.

If you ask enough people, you'll see that men come up with the same complaints about women. And vice versa. The following partial list is culled from fashion experts and novices alike.

Women don't like it when men wear:

--Velcro sandals with socks.

--Pants slung so low they reveal underwear.

--An undershirt as a regular shirt.

--Too much product in their hair.

--Baseball caps for all occasions.

And men don't like it when women wear:

--Baggy clothes such as big jeans and flannels.

--Too many accessories at once.

--Patterned hosiery.

--Hoop earrings.

--Stilettos if they're going to complicate an evening.

--Makeup so thick it looks caked on.