At work, parties or other formal occasions, wardrobe malfunctions can be expensive. Sudden downpours, popped buttons and scuffed shoes can lead to quick-fix shopping sprees or expensive repair bills. But preparing for hurricane season and other household emergencies has taught me to develop a survival kit for fashion emergencies. The following tools can be money-savers.

--Weather-proofing: Carry a folded plastic poncho in your car, briefcase or purse. Portable rain gear can be purchased at drugstores, dollar stores and other outlets, and easily stored in small spaces. It can save a suit from ruin or prevent a costly trip to the dry cleaners.

--Instant shoe repair: A black marker can banish scuff marks from black leather shoes. Also, keep navy and red markers.

--Staples and hooks: Staple the hem of an unraveling skirt or repair broken hook-and-eyelet fasteners. When a clasp falls apart, replace broken eyelet with a vertical staple in the inner seam of the garment. Then link the hook to the staple. A skirt or cardigan closes perfectly.

--Quick hem: Repair falling or missing hems with adhesive strips that are applied with a hot iron. This quick fix, available at drugstores, even has been used for bridesmaid gowns. Scotch tape also doubles as a great short-term fix for falling hems.

--Spare shoes: For puddles, broken heels and other emergencies, stash spare sets of shoes in the office, gym locker or family car.