ANOTHER PIECE OF MY HEART. By Jane Green. St. Martin’s Press. 386 pages. $26.

When Andi falls in love with Ethan, a divorced father of two, she thinks she’s found not only the perfect man, but a ready-made family as well.

While she hopes to one day be a mother herself, she embraces Ethan’s daughters and looks forward to being a role model to them, especially as their own mother deals with alcoholism. But teenager Emily wants no part of her new “stepmonster” and sets out to make Andi’s home life as difficult as she can.

From there, this emotional and deeply moving novel takes a look at the often-treacherous stepmother-stepdaughter relationship through the eyes of both principals.

Andi begins having second thoughts on whether she made the right choice in marrying Ethan, while Emily deals with issues of self-esteem and acceptance. But when their lives are rocked by a life-changing event, the two women find themselves in roles they never imagined.

Jane Green, known for bestselling novels such as “Jemima J” and “Dune Road,” has created not only a touching story about love and “instant families,” but also provides a study of the profound effect family has on all of us.

Reviewer Dana Frazeur, a marketing consultant based in Mount Pleasant