Bold and the Beautiful: After Steffy returned from her and Liam’s Aspen honeymoon, Hope, who doesn’t want to see Steffy every day, “suggested” that she quit Forrester and go to work for Spencer Communications. Brooke cried on Eric’s shoulder after learning from her doctor that her symptoms indicate the onset of menopause. Taylor fumed when Eric sided with Brooke after Taylor accused her of sleeping with Bill. To keep Rick and Maya apart, Caroline asked Carter to help with a charity fashion show featuring the Brooke’s Bedroom men’s line.

Days of Our Lives: Vargas gave Nick $30,000 and ordered him to triple the money ASAP. Sonny and Sami searched Nick’s room. Sonny found a recording of Will admitting he shot A.J., which he then deleted. Sami stole the $30,000 (unaware it belonged to Vargas) after finding it while searching for another copy of Will’s confession. Sami denied knowing about the money when Nick came looking for it. Gabi threatened to leave Nick if he doesn’t tell her why he’s been so rattled lately. Sami was livid when she learned Stefano, who had agreed to help her and Will, is planning to double-cross them. When Nicole threatened to tell Eric that Vargas is up to something fishy, he threatened to reveal that she has feelings for a priest (Eric). Kate broke up with Rafe to protect him from Stefano. Justin was stunned when E.J. asked him to help bring down Stefano. Ciara gave Kristen the envelope that contained the photo of her paying off Sy.

General Hospital: Sonny headed for Morgan’s private school after learning from Connie that someone is using Morgan to get to Sonny. Johnny told Connie that Morgan lost a lot of money in an online gambling scam run by some prison inmates. Maxie admitted to Ellie that she’s carrying Spinelli’s baby, after Ellie learned that Maxie had miscarried Lulu and Dante’s baby. Maxie grabbed the phone and hung up when Ellie called Spinelli to tell him the baby news. Carly and A.J.’s argument turned into a bout of sweaty physical intimacy. Later, Carly panicked over missing Sonny’s calls about Morgan. Nikolas kissed Elizabeth, who said that they can’t be together. Elizabeth later told A.J. that she wanted to give him another chance. Lulu and Milo kissed after Max found them together. Dante refused to leave Milo’s place after learning Lulu was staying there. Spinelli is close to finding Lauren, who could be the Quartermaine heir.

Young and the Restless: Leslie and Tyler visited with their father (Gus) at the hospital. When Leslie asked Gus about the woman named Rose, he said it was just something he messed up years ago. Later, the doctor rushed into Gus’ room when his life-support monitors went off. Lily, Devon, Cane, Murphy and Jill waited for word on Kay, who was undergoing surgery to remove her brain tumor. Jill was livid when she learned that Kay had asked Cane to take over Chancellor Industries if she wasn’t able to return to work after the surgery. Avery asked Nick if he still wanted to be engaged after he admitted that he doesn’t think she’s over Dylan. Avery went to Dylan and asked him to leave town because his presence is affecting her relationship with Nick. Avery learned that Dylan is staying in town because (he believes) Chelsea is pregnant with his baby. Michael called Lauren and was surprised that a man (Carmine) answered.

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