Bold and the Beautiful: Donna was thrilled when Nick took her for a romantic sail on his boat. Unaware that Pam had already funneled copies of their designs to Jackie M., the Forresters took extra precautions to keep their new fashion line a secret. Owen overheard Jackie and Pam talking, and realized they have been stealing designs from Forrester. After the Forresters learned that Jackie M. had stolen their designs again, Hope revealed that she had seen Beverly photographing the dresses for their upcoming show.

Days Of Our Lives: Horace and Zig, the gamblers who used Sonny and Will's sports website to create a gambling site, kidnapped Chad and Melanie and then told Will and Sonny to get their website back up and running. The gamblers also kidnapped Abigail and Gabi. Bo and Hope helped capture the gamblers while Sonny rescued Melanie, Chad saved Gabi and Austin rescued Abigail. Before decorating the traditional Horton Christmas tree, Bo and Hope found a note from Stefano hidden inside Alice's Christmas ornament. Bo and Hope didn't believe Stefano, who said he knew nothing about the note. Bo and Hope called E.J.'s mother, Susan, in England and told her they found the letter she sent Alice about an ailing E.J. Susan hung up after saying Stefano had found out about E.J.

General Hospital: Ethan came face to face with the mysterious Laura look-alike at Wyndemere. The woman never spoke to Ethan, who asked if she had slashed Laura's portrait and if she was afraid of Helena Cassadine. After the woman disappeared into a passageway, Ethan found a message asking him not to tell anyone about the meeting, and he wrote a message of agreement. In his old family home, Sonny talked with a cop who told him that everyone knew Sonny had killed his stepfather, who abused both Sonny and his mother. Alone, Sonny voiced the fact that his stepfather deserved to die and that he had orchestrated his stepfather's death. Sam and Jason are separately looking for Franco. Dante arrested Jason for assaulting the former mayor. Michael and Sam found a DVD that was made by Franco.

One Life to Live: Cutter was shocked when the plastic surgeon refused to change "Gigi" back into "Stacy" because "Stacy" is really Gigi, and has never had plastic surgery. Cutter went with Stacy (Gigi) to Paris, Texas, and the Bon Jour Cafe, where she got a waitress job. Rex and Aubrey met a jailed Kim and told her that Stacy (Gigi) is out of her coma. After Rex got a photo that cleared Kim of a murder charge, she told him that Stacy (whom Kim saved from drowning) had been in the building and could have saved Gigi, who (supposedly) died in a gas explosion caused by Jack. Aubrey told Rex that Kim is the real Aubrey and that she is Cutter's sister. Viki, Rex and Shane went to Paris, Texas. John didn't believe Calmar's claim that Tomas killed Victor. Via Internet video, Tomas told Blair that he killed Victor, but she didn't believe him.

Young and the Restless: Nikki, who was fighting a hangover, was shocked when Nick and Victoria told her that Victor confessed to Ronan about Diane's murder. Nikki told Victor that she didn't want him paying for a murder that she committed. Victor told Michael that Nikki was drunk the night she killed Diane and has no clear memory of what she did. Nikki told Michael that she remembered holding a bloody rock and having blood on her clothes. The judge refused to accept Victor's guilty plea after Ronan said he thinks Victor had an accomplice. Nick fumed when he caught Adam holding a press conference to announce that he was now in charge of Newman Enterprises. Nikki was surprised to see Deacon, who taunted her with his knowledge of a mysterious something that could destroy her family. Daniel told Lily that he doesn't like her decision to reconcile with Cane.