Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke and Eric were thrilled to have Rick, their son, home from Paris. The fact that Amber had Marcus' baby caused an awkward moment between Marcus and Rick when they met for the first time. Katie warned Steffy to stay away from Hope, but Steffy insisted that Liam deserved someone better than Hope, and predicted Hope and Liam would never marry. Bill lectured Liam about Hope caring more for her Hope for the Future campaign than she does for Liam. Bill encouraged Liam to dump Hope for Steffy, who is madly in love with him. Katie told Bill she wants Steffy out of their lives for good.

Days of Our Lives: Hope presided over a tribute party for Tom and Alice Horton during the opening of the renovated town square, which was funded by Tom and Alice. Everyone was pleased to see Carrie and Austin, who had just returned to Salem. Carrie is now a lawyer, and Austin is a forensic accountant. Another surprise was the return of Marlena and John; the latter revealed that he is no longer paralyzed. John's attempt to reconnect with Brady failed. Bo and Hope were puzzled by some old statements from a foreign bank, and about regular payments deposited and withdrawn from the account. Bo and Hope assumed that the account belonged to Alice. Rafe arrested John on embezzlement, securities fraud and misappropriation of pension funds. The SEC has Austin investigating the case. Carrie and Abigail were shocked to see Jack.

General Hospital: Dante, who had surprised Johnny as he was attempting to plant drugs in Sonny's warehouse, was shot by Anthony. Johnny was upset that Anthony shot the person (they didn't see Dante) who caught him in the warehouse, but Anthony reminded him that Johnny would be dead if he hadn't shot Sonny's "thug." Carly, Michael and Abby found Dante. Olivia called Lulu to tell her that Dante had been shot and was in the hospital. Lulu was able to talk to Dante, who was in critical condition, and told him she had planned to agree to his marriage proposal. Jason and Sam danced at their wedding reception, unaware that Franco is keeping tabs on them via video. Franco danced while holding Sam's wedding dress. Franco secretly followed Jason and Sam on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Luke returned to the Haunted Star. During mysterious goings-on at Wyndemere, Ethan came face to face with Helena. Kate offered Kristina a job.

One Life to Live: Viki was stunned to see Irene, who was released from jail after making a deal with the feds. Everyone at the reading of Victor's will was surprised when Tina walked in. Viki, Tea, Dani and everyone else were shocked to learn that Victor (his will was written when he was Todd) left his entire estate to Irene. Irene got a note to Todd threatening to kill everyone he loves, but when he showed the note to Starr, it was blank (it had been written in disappearing ink). Todd got Starr to help him escape from jail. Blair and Tea were flabbergasted to learn that Todd had escaped from jail after Tea had agreed to be his lawyer. First Tina's dog, David Vickers, and then Bo spotted a bomb that Irene had her thug plant with the intention of killing Todd's family. Shane recalled the night Victor died. Blair tried to get Jack to admit that he didn't see Todd kill Victor. Clint was thrilled to see Cord. Cord comforted Tina when David Vickers (the dog) disappeared.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis was surprised to receive a summons forcing her to take Lucy to the prison to visit Daisy. Michael warned Phyllis that Daisy could have her removed as Lucy's guardian if she doesn't comply with the summons. Phyllis was later angry when she learned that Avery is Daisy's new lawyer. Abby panicked when she heard a CSI technician tell Ronan about an abandoned lock box in a hotel safe. Ronan realized that the key the killer left in Diane's throat after her death could open the box. Abby secretly watched Ronan open the box, and was relieved it contained Diane's diary, not Abby's videotaped confession that she ran down Tucker. Chloe apologized for kissing Kevin after finding out he was a bone-marrow-donor match for Delia. Billy secretly searched Victoria's home for information on Sam. Billy later received an email from Victoria telling him she had moved on and wished him well.