Bold and the Beautiful: Dayzee was confused when Marcus first wanted to delay their wedding but then later made arrangements to move their wedding date up. Dayzee accepted when Eric offered to let her choose a dress from his designer wedding collection. Katie confronted Steffy after seeing a photo of her and Liam kissing on the day he married Hope. Steffy told Katie that she and Liam kissed, but nothing more. Liam said that he and Steffy didn’t make love when Brooke confronted him about the photo. Brooke said that if Liam didn’t tell Hope, she would.

Days of Our Lives: E.J. was stunned when he failed the polygraph test and became the prime suspect in Stefano’s murder. E.J. is unaware that a mystery person paid the polygraph administrator to fake the test results. E.J. was stunned when Roman, Rafe and Spencer, who had a search warrant for E.J.’s apartment, found incriminating evidence, which had been planted by the mystery person. John is determined to neutralize E.J. by claiming his birthright as a DiMera and taking control of the family empire. Gabi panicked when Chad and Daniel launched a search for Melanie after they learned that Melanie wasn’t in Europe. Gabi begged Andrew to release Melanie, but he refused. When Gabi later returned to Andrew’s home, both he and Melanie were gone. Via Melanie’s cellphone, Chad tracked her to Andrew’s home. Ian had his thug get rid of Brady’s drugged protein powder.

General Hospital: After talking to Spinelli, Anna and the police went to the wooded area where Heather caught Spinelli spying on her. After searching the area, they found Anthony’s body buried in a shallow grave. Since the site was near the cabin where Heather is holding Luke prisoner, he heard Anna, but was unable to get her attention. Anna told Johnny that Anthony’s body had been found and that he had been shot. Johnny played it cool when Anna quizzed him. Anna arrived with two cops and took Heather in for questioning about Anthony’s death. Anna put an APB out on Luke, who is also a suspect. Sam came close to seeing the original DNA test on her baby, which Heather had carelessly left out. John told Sam that he was returning to Llanview. After kissing, Starr and Michael agreed to start dating.

Young and the Restless: While looking through Ricky’s belongings for evidence to clear Paul of charges in Ricky’s death, Christine found Ricky’s file on Phyllis and realized that Phyllis was the person who tried to run down Paul and Christine 18 years ago. Phyllis played innocent when Christine confronted her about the credit card statement, and accused Christine of being jealous that Phyllis had taken Danny away from her. Phyllis later told Michael that she didn’t run down Christine and Paul. Christine took over as Paul’s defense attorney. Nina was furious with Ronan, who refused to release Paul from jail for Ricky’s funeral. Daniel is no longer a suspect in Daisy’s disappearance. Abby paid Carmine’s bail, but he still faces a kidnapping charge. Gloria doesn’t know that Jeffrey never divorced Anita.

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