Bold and the Beautiful: When Katie told Bill that she’s pregnant, he told her to get an abortion because he feared the pregnancy could kill her, reminding her of the miscarriage that she suffered shortly after her heart transplant. Katie told Bill that she wants to keep the baby. Rick told Caroline that Amber had doctored photos of him to make it appear that he likes to wear women’s clothes. Rick kissed Caroline after telling her that Amber wants him, but he wants her. Caroline told Thomas that Karen’s father, Bill Spencer Sr., forced her and Danielle to hide their relationship.

Days of our Lives: Carrie bought a pregnancy test kit after Austin talked about them buying a house and starting a family. Austin saw the kit and realized that Carrie is pregnant. Rafe was stunned when Austin said that he and Carrie are having a baby. Rafe and Nicole ran into Carrie and Austin at the hospital, and Carrie assured Nicole that she won’t reveal that the father of Nicole’s baby is E.J., not Rafe. John, Hope, Bo, Shane and Rafe were furious when a CIA agent claimed that Stefano was working with the CIA to get illegal guns off the market in return for immunity for all of his recent crimes. Later, both John and Marlena bought guns and vowed to bring Stefano down. After Daniel told Lexie that she only has a few days to live, she collapsed in Abe’s arms. Maggie fumed when she learned that Victor had stolen her stored eggs years ago and given them to friends (Daniel’s “parents”).

General Hospital: Anthony was shot in the side as he and Johnny struggled over a gun. Johnny told a wounded Anthony that he’d tried to kill him by shooting out his tires (thus causing the death of Hope and Cole), had then framed Sonny for the incident and planted the gun in Kate’s (Connie’s) office. After admitting that he convinced Kate (as Connie) to say she caused the death of Hope and Cole, Johnny fired two shots at Anthony. Tracy went to the boathouse, where she was stunned to find Anthony’s bloody body lying under a tarp. Alexis listened as Sonny confronted Kate, who, as Connie, told him that she caused the accident that killed Cole and Hope. Spinelli urged Matt to admit that he killed Lisa after Maxie refused a plea deal. Edward, Tracy and Monica were shocked when Jason told them Franco was a Quartermaine. Todd told Carly he plans to help Starr and Michael. Michael refused to testify against Starr.

Young and the Restless: Nikki accepted Jack’s marriage proposal after telling him about seeing Victor romancing Sharon. Jack told Nikki that the judge ruled he could go ahead with his lawsuit against Genevieve over her purchase of Beauty of Nature, and thus he will be able to get the company back. Genevieve confronted Victor after Christine warned her that the SEC is looking into the Beauty of Nature sale. Genevieve realized that Victor set the SEC on her so that he can get full control of the company. Paul is looking into the death of Ricky’s (Paul’s son, who was raised by Isabelle’s parents) former girlfriend Rachel, since her friends don’t think she committed suicide. Phyllis told Paul there is something wrong with Ricky. Ricky failed to get Danny to give him any dirt on Phyllis. Paul warned Eden to avoid Ricky. Sofia told Neil that she’s filing for a divorce. Sharon, Nick, Phyllis, Victor, Nikki, Jack and Noah remembered Cassie.

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