Bold and the Beautiful: After the successful HTFT/Quinn Artisan fashion show, Rick complimented Caroline for her part in it and then surprised her by proposing marriage. After the fashion show, Hope and Liam escaped to the Big Bear cabin for some alone time and to plan their wedding. Quinn secretly copied the video that Liam made for Steffy and sent it to Hope via email. Hope wondered if she and Liam really have a future together after watching the video tribute that Liam made for Steffy. Bill heckled Katie during her first Spencer Publications meeting as CEO. Donna learned that Brooke and Bill are engaged.

Days Of Our Lives: Eric began to suspect the women around him (including Nicole) after Daniel told him that someone had been determined to have sex with Eric and was behind what happened to him at the hotel. Marlena realized that Kristen arranged her mugging after a thug (hired by Kristen) attacked Marlena to get the missing flash drive. Nicole rescued Marlena. Kristen assumed the flash drive containing the sex video of her and Eric had been destroyed. After a confrontation with Sami and E.J., an armed Marge crashed their engagement party and shots were fired. Daniel arrived just after J.J. got Kayla to admit that Jack had raped her years ago. Jennifer continued to reject Daniel. When Rafe wondered why Kate was spending so much time with him, she kept silent about her feelings for him. Rafe was excited when Jordan said that he would soon be moved to the rehab unit. Gabi told Nick that they can only be friends.

General Hospital: At the Swiss clinic, Robert, who came out of his coma and is recuperating, told Anna that he had seen Robin before Obrecht injected him with whatever caused his coma. Robert said that Robin is alive and is being held hostage by Obrecht. Robert also told Anna that Faison faked Robin’s death. In the lab, Robin was stunned when Obrecht handed Britt’s baby (Ben) to her and said that Robin would be taking care of him. Robin knocked Obrecht out and attempted to escape, but Jerry caught her. At the clinic, Luke was shocked to see a disguised Tracy, who said that she was going to find the doctor (Robin) and get the cure to save his life. Unaware that she’s alive, Patrick remembered Robin’s birthday. Lulu and Dante had Alexis draw up papers so they could legally adopt baby Connie, but Maxie and Spinelli refused to sign the papers and said they want to raise Connie themselves. Morgan heard Ava and Derek (Julian) plotting against Sonny.

Young and the Restless: After Carmine ruined Lauren’s awards ceremony (by showing sex photos of recipients), Carmine left the athletic club, phoned Lauren and said that he had Fen. Michael went after Lauren. Carmine was found shot dead in the alley behind the club. Worried that Fen had killed Carmine, Michael told Paul that he did the deed, but Paul suspected that Michael was covering for someone. Lauren found Fen, who was suffering from memory loss, and said he didn’t remember what happened. Chelsea and Adam took Connor to the hospital with a high fever, which later broke. Adam showed Chelsea the paternity test that proves he’s Connor’s biological father. Stitch told Chelsea that Dylan is staying in Genoa City. Dylan and Avery talked about starting over.

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