Bold and the Beautiful: Amber, lying, said that the pills she gave Hope weren’t dangerous, after Hope blasted her about getting the pills on the Internet. Bill tried to convince Liam to get out while he can because of Hope’s pill-popping and because he thinks she’s crazy (because she is seeing a shrink). Liam took Hope with him to Fashion Week in Aspen so she could relax. Bill, however, arranged for reporters Ramona and Oliver to follow Hope, barrage her with questions and call her a fraud (because of her affair with Liam, who is still married to Steffy). Liam got Caroline to crash a meeting at Forrester with him.

Days of Our Lives: Abe, Celeste and Cameron were with Lexie when Dr. Yu said that Lexie’s tests show she has only a few weeks to live. Stefano rushed to Lexie’s side after Kate told him about Lexie’s illness. Stefano blamed himself for Lexie’s tumor after learning that it was caused by toxic gases from underground tunnels. Stefano remembered that his henchman held Lexie captive in the tunnel that runs under the DiMera mansion. E.J. heard Stefano order tests on the tunnel. Stefano came close to telling E.J. that he isn’t his father. After Stefano demanded that John and Hope return the coin from the Anastasia egg, John and Marlena were attacked by a thug with a knife, and someone tailed Hope and Bo. The name Yvette was part of a code on the egg coin. Lucas accepted Sami’s job offer at Countess Wilhelmina after his betrothed dumped him and he heard Kate vow to get revenge against Sami. Celeste warned Cameron that Abigail is trouble.

General Hospital: Kate (Connie) went to Johnny’s place and told him that Sonny was pleased Johnny’s organ-selling scheme had been thwarted. Kate (Connie) then called Sonny and let him think Johnny was raping her. Sonny arrived to find Kate (Connie) in bed with Johnny and pulled a gun on them. Sonny fired two shots into the wall and left. Carly arrived to find Johnny and Kate (Connie) in bed together. Feeling betrayed, Carly went to Sonny and suggested they get even with Kate (Connie) and Johnny. Carly and Sonny kissed. Dante told Olivia and Sonny that on an anonymous tip the police busted up a mob-run organ-selling scam that Steve was implicated in. Memphis police arrested Steve for pulling the plug on a patient. John consoled Sam after Jason reacted angrily when she said that John got her a sample of Franco’s DNA. Heather pulled a gun on Luke. Lulu went missing after Ronnie tailed her. Maxie’s mother, Felicia, returned.

Young and the Restless: Jill was at the boutique with Lauren when Daisy walked in. Daisy refused when Lauren told her to leave, and made a threat toward Lauren’s young son, Fen. Lauren walked away and then returned with a gun and pointed it at Daisy. Jill got Lauren to put down the gun, but the police arrived and charged Lauren with assault with a deadly weapon. Avery prepared Billy and Victoria for the hearing in which Chelsea agreed to give up her parental rights to baby John. Victoria, Billy and their family and friends gathered for John’s christening. Abby brought Jack and Diane’s son, Kyle, to the ceremony. Later, a furious Kyle confronted Jack after realizing that he’s dating Nikki, the woman who killed his mother. The judge at the custody hearing gave Daisy full custody of Lucy (for now) after hearing Daniel “lost” the child (Ricky snatched her for Daisy’s benefit) at the coffeehouse.

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