Reynolds helps out Utah cinema in ‘Deadpool’ trouble


SALT LAKE CITY — Actor Ryan Reynolds is showing his support for a Salt Lake City movie theater cited under a Utah obscenity law for serving drinks during a screening of his movie “Deadpool.”

Reynolds gave $5,000 to a fundraising website set up to help the theater called Brewvies with its legal bills. He also tweeted out a story about the situation, writing “Thank god, they’ve found a way to legislate fun.”

Brewvies is facing a fine of up to $25,000 fine and could lose its liquor license after undercover officers attended a screening of Marvel’s R-rated antihero film “Deadpool” in February.

The state says playing “Deadpool” while serving booze violates Utah law because the movie includes nudity and simulated sex, including a suggestive scene in the film’s credits involving a cartoon unicorn. The obscenity law is generally used to regulate strip clubs.

It also bans showing any film with sex acts or simulated sex acts, full-frontal nudity or the “caressing” of breasts or buttocks if at businesses with liquor licenses.

Brewvies is fighting the action in court.