Reality TV producer Gay Rosenthal is behind such groundbreaking fare as TLC’s “Little People, Big World” and Style’s “Ruby.” In Sundance Channel’s “Push Girls,” Rosenthal explores the world of women living with paralysis.

Q: Are there shows you think, “I really wish I had my name attached to that,” or vice versa?

A: The most important thing to me is the quality.

Q: Some of your shows, including “Push Girls,” delve into the worlds of people living with disabilities. How do you do that without being exploitive?

A: I think it’s really paying attention to it and being able to show something in a very well-thought-out (way). ... It’s knowing that people are super interested but also doing it with class and elegance and not making fun.

Q: What are your conversations like with the subjects?

A: It varies. With the ladies of “Push Girls,” they’re very open. They’re willing to share everything. ... “Girls” on HBO is so reflective of what’s going on with that generation.