Heidi Klum hanging out with the kids

Heidi Klum arrives at the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards last month in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Heidi Klum has moved from modeling clothes to arbitrating style and design on "Project Runway." Now, she's also an expert on children as she hosts "Seriously Funny Kids" on Lifetime. There, she pulls an Art Linkletter and ad-libs with children, who are natural stand-up comedians without any prodding.

Klum, who has four children of her own, says the kids come out with outlandish bits.

"I just go wherever they go and that's how kids are. You just have to go with the flow. ... I mean, there's definitely certain subjects that I want to know about. ... If there's a divorce or something negative in the family, that's not a subject that I necessarily want to talk about. So I definitely do a little bit of my homework before so I don't really hurt anyone's feelings because it's supposed to be fun and I want to keep it light. But otherwise there's no preparation. We have all different topics about what they want to be, what bugs them about grownups. You find out a lot of things."