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All you had to do was look at the faces having such fun, and you knew that dancing had enhanced the lives of everyone who was in or saw this performance.

That's what Trudy's School of Dance set out to do last year when it decided to have a holiday performance, just for the fun of it.

Then the students and parents really got into the pleasure of dancing to holiday favorites, says Director Linda Oltman Walker.

So they decided to sell a few tickets and raise some money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. They donated $500.

It was such a hit that the company decided to do it again this year.

"We realized we needed a larger performance space, and then someone said they had seen a lot of money raised with silent auctions," says Walker.

As many artistic ideas do, this one blossomed into something wonderful this year. Instead of just parents and friends attending, 500 people walked through the door of the St. James Episcopal Ministry Center on James Island. About 46 vendors promised items for the auction.

And they watched the Baby Bloomers (ages 3-4), the Giggle Toes (ages 4-5) and Danc-N-Beats (ages 6-8) perform all out.

Of course, there were older dancers, too, and they caught the attention of some younger audience members. Who knew when Santa was actually going to appear?

While Walker waits for a final tally, she expects that they will have at least $1,500 to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, triple that of last year.

And every person at the performance shared the smiles, knowing they were doing something nice for someone else.

Isn't that the spirit of Christmas?