Jonathan Odell, author of the newly published novel, “Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League” (Maiden Lane Press), will appear at the Charleston Library Society for a 6 p.m. talk Feb. 17. Odell will sign copies of the book. The event is free for members, $10 for non-members.

The novel, which was released Feb. 4, the 102nd birthday of the late Rosa Parks, is the result of years of experience and research. Based on Odell’s childhood growing up in pre-civil rights Mississippi, the novel’s main characters, Hazel and Vida, explore the complexities of a bond that begins in hostility and evolves into an unshakable friendship.

Both women grieve the loss of a son and long for freedom from the limits of being women consigned to obligatory roles. Unable to achieve happiness, each escapes into self-destructive pursuits.

Local author LaTonya Renee has published a motivational book, “From Star Dreams to Stardom,” available in paperback ($7.99) and e-book ($6.99) formats from Tate Publishing and online retailers.

“From Star Dreams to Stardom” is meant to help dreamers achieve their goals. It is geared toward musicians, dancers, singers and actors, but might inspire others to find a path to success.

Renee is married to a musician and holds an associate degree in radio and TV broadcasting. She has experience acting, modeling, singing and writing.

Diny K. Adkins, a local Holocaust survivor, has collected her memories, experiences, correspondence and more in a self-published, large-format paperback book called “Can Forgive, But Cannot Forget.”

Atkins will appear at The Palms of Mount Pleasant, a senior living facility at 937 Bowman Road, 1-3 p.m. today to talk about her life and sign copies of her book. She will visit the West Ashley Barnes & Noble, 1812 Rittenberg Boulevard, 2-4 p.m. Feb. 22, and at Mr. K’s Used Books, 5070 International Boulevard, North Charleston, 2-4 p.m. March 1.