The Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma’s newest ballet, “Imagination Lives Inside of You,” is an original adaptation of Lowcountry author Clay Rice’s bestselling children’s book “The Stick.” The ballet company is located in Washington state.

The book featured silhouette-cut illustrations and detailed the adventures of boys and girls who imagine themselves as pirates, athletes, princesses and knights.

Rice makes the profile silhouettes himself. Each one takes about a minute to produce, and he estimates that he has cut more than 900,000 over 32 years.

His other books are “The Lonely Shadow” and “Mama, Let’s Make a Moon.”

Charleston resident Linda L.T. Baer has produced an autobiography called “Red Blood, Yellow Skin,” published by Greenleaf Book Group and released this month.

Baer was born in North Vietnam in 1947. Her father was killed in a battle with the Viet Minh in 1951, and after her mother remarried, the family relocated to South Vietnam in 1954.

“Red Blood, Yellow Skin” recounts the difficult experiences she and her family endured until 1969, as well as Vietnamese culture and traditions.

Baer is working on a sequel called “Journey’s Edge.” She has lived in Charleston with her American husband since 1980 and has become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. who owns a beauty salon in West Ashley.

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A paperback version of “A Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature,” edited by Belinda Wheeler, a Summerville resident and professor of English at Claflin University, will be available Aug. 1. The book, published by Camden House Press, appeared in hardcover in 2013.

The paperback is $34.95 and available from Amazon and other online sellers.

Adam Parker