“Charleston by Design: Restoration of a City,” an exhibition on urban design and public spaces in Charleston, will be on view at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park through Oct. 18.

The exhibition was conceived and prepared by the city of Charleston Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability Design Division, under the leadership of director Jacob A. Lindsey. It is presented by the Office of Cultural Affairs.

The show pairs archival photographs with current images of various Charleston streetscapes, revealing the myriad changes that have taken place as the city evolved and grew in recent decades.

Presentations and videos show how the interplay of architectural form, historic preservation, materials selection and project detailing underpin Charleston’s distinctive urban character.

“Attempting to capture the richness and exacting specificity of Charleston’s urban design has been an inspiring challenge for us in the studio,” Lindsay said in a statement. “Every feature you consider prompts an anecdote, invokes a family name or stirs a sense of awe at the sophisticated craftsmanship and quality of design that permeates this city.”

The exhibit includes images of Charleston streetscapes and buildings that come from the Historic Charleston Foundation and The Post and Courier.

“We very much look forward to revealing something new to our gallery visitors and, equally, to sparking their awareness of details that they have either previously overlooked or taken for granted,” Lindsay said.