THE ACCIDENT. By Chris Pavone. Crown Publishers. 381 pages. $26.

Secrets are powerful, dangerous things. Keeping them can get complicated. Revealing them can get even more complicated, and deadly.

Media mogul Charlie Wolfe has such secrets, along with a lot of money and several conspirators. Chris Pavone has written a satisfactorily complicated book about the effort to publish an unauthorized biography about Wolfe's past, and the lengths Wolfe and others will go to prevent such a thing.

The early pages of "The Accident" are more about setting up the drama than setting up the story, but once it all starts unfolding, this is a good tale with plenty of unexpected turns. There's a lot of moving from one timeline and storyline to another, but Pavone does a fairly good job with that. There also are a lot of threads that Pavone doesn't fully explain or tie off, letting the reader put their own spin on things. As different sets of character chase around Europe and America, the reader chases the story, with both characters and readers trying to figure out who's who, who can be trusted and how this story can end satisfactorily. It's pretty satisfactory for the reader, at least.

Reviewer Carol Edwards is a freelance editor and farmer living in Marlboro County.