Books for cooks ‘The Soup Club Cookbook’ and ‘A Good Food Day’

Most of us step into January with the New Year’s resolution of healthier eating. Most of us wish we had a little help.

The four authors of “The Soup Club Cookbook” offer a plan. Once a month, each of the club members cooks eight quarts of soup, stew, chowder or chili. That member delivers two quarts of it plus sides and garnishes to each of the other three, guaranteeing all a fresh, nutritious meal each week — cooked by someone else.

How nice that would be. The book includes their tried-and-true recipes plus tips for success. Clarkson Potter/Publishers. $25.

Facing issues resulting from years of bad eating habits, chef/restaurateur Marco Canora developed a diet based on the tenets of healthy eating, including natural fats, complex carbs, Omega-3 rich foods and seasonal vegetables and fruits. As expected from a talent of his stature, the recipes in “A Good Food Day: Reboot Your Health With Food that Tastes Great” are innovative and appealing. Clarkson Potter/Publishers. $30.

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