Aniston poses as Streisand

In this magazine cover image released by Harper's Bazaar, actress Jennifer Aniston recreates an iconic portrait of Barbra Streisand in the September 2010 issue of "Harper's Bazaar."

LOS ANGELES -- There are Barbra Streisand fans, and then there's Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston re-creates iconic portraits of Streisand in a lavish Mark Seliger photo spread in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar. The magazine is on newsstands this week.

"The shoot was just fun," the 41-year-old actress said while promoting her new film, "The Switch."

"Look, you're dressing up in wigs and costumes and going into this beautiful theater in downtown Los Angeles, and her voice is booming through the speakers," Aniston said. "And you get chills. It was almost like ... 'cause photo shoots I'm always uncomfortable in, because that sort of thing is not my career, it's not my profession. So, it was sort of fun to kind of play a character like that."

And like Streisand, Aniston wants to direct. She got a taste of behind-the-camera work directing the 2006 short "Room 10."

"I really am chomping at the bit to do that next. It was so creatively fulfilling. And I'm ready to do something else. It's time to sort of explore and I love this (acting). I'll never stop doing this until people say, 'Stop!' And maybe even then I won't stop," she said with a laugh.