NEW YORK – The Brooklyn Museum’s feminist art center is marking its fifth anniversary this year by commemorating famous women of the next millennium – placing them alongside luminaries of the past.

The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art is using Judy Chicago’s work, “The Dinner Party,” a massive triangular banquet table, to envision a place where these high achievers might meet.

Each wing of Chicago’s triangle pays tribute to a millennium, 13 women for each, beginning with primordial goddesses and ending with notable women in the 20th century; 999 other female names are inscribed in gold in the tiled floor.

The Sackler Center has created a symbolic fourth wing commemorating famous contemporary women who might be seated at the table alongside such influential women as Sacajawea, Queen Elizabeth I and Emily Dickinson.

It selected 15 women, all first in their fields, to honor with the center’s first-time First Awards.