'Anne Frank' story PBS 'Masterpiece'

Ellie Kendrick

"Masterpiece Classic" on PBS will sport a new version of "The Diary of Anne Frank" on Sunday starring Ellie Kendrick.

Kendrick, a first-year student at Cambridge University, reports that playing Anne was no breeze.

"Because she does have these kinds of two levels. On one level, she is just a normal teenage girl. She is a giggly 13-year-old when she starts writing the diary, and she can be very ... feisty, and she does talk about boys a lot. The transition was quite difficult because ... she was 15 by the time the diary's finished.

"And she began to speak almost -- to attempt to speak for Jewish people and teenagers on a whole, on a very broad level. ... She became a very profound thinker. So it was quite difficult to maintain that duality of a very vivacious young girl and this very inspired, almost philosophical thinker."