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Bedard said it's been “a real honor and privilege to help make the magnificent Charleston Gaillard Center become a place where lives throughout the Charleston region are being enriched through unforgettable experiences.”

There’s still something very satisfying about a hot, glazed doughnut. Seeing stadium lights in the distance on a Friday night or hearing the birds chirp at the backyard feeder. Smelling coffee, first thing in the morning and listening to the infectious laugh of a child.

These are all small, simple aspects of our daily lives that give me a belief that we’ll come through this.

Many may remember belting out that old gospel song "On Jordan's Stormy Banks" when they were too young for the words to mean anything, but we loved the bouncy tune. After all, what should children know about Jordan’s stormy banks? They haven’t been through the Exodus yet.

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I’m lucky that my wife, Becky, still laughs at the preposterous proposal I made to another woman 42 years ago. Today, you’re also lucky because she’s approved my retelling the story to you.

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What a year this has been so far! The challenges we are facing as a community are enormous with this national health crisis that is impacting our lives. It’s a challenge to stay healthy, stay engaged with our families, and help each other navigate these uncertain waters.

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You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that hasn’t felt the effects of the wild turn 2020 has taken over the past few months. I’ve witnessed many businesses close their doors permanently because they were not able to bounce back after the mandated shutdown to flatten COVID-19’s curve.

A few years ago, I lived in a slim, two-level townhouse in Myrtle Beach. It had a nosy neighbor who always hung out in the parking lot, and a mouse that chewed inside under the kitchen sink, but that was all okay with me — for the first time in my life, I had a backyard garden to myself. 

Though the more well-known tourist destinations get most of the spotlight, the Lowcountry is home to countless hidden gems waiting to be explored. Now is the perfect opportunity to stop and smell the roses with temperatures slowly cooling down and physical distancing still encouraged. Here a…

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Charleston is now known as one of the food capitals of this country and even the world. With these accolades came the loss of restaurants, culture and people that made the foodways of this city desirable in the first place. Alice's restaurant was one of those casualties of the new wave that …

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One of my all-time favorite cartoons is the one where Bugs Bunny comes through the crowd as the symphony conductor. His ears are “slicked” back, his stroll is confident, all eyes are on him, and the whispered shout of “Leopold” is gathering steam with each step.

Charleston can be a paradise for pet owners, boasting a non-stop list of fun, scenic places where animal-lovers can bring their pets and enjoy good weather and atmosphere.

Being the chief of staff of the largest school district in the tri-county area has its challenges. But most importantly what it has is meaning. The day to day office stuff is exactly what you would imagine — hectic, busy, and lots of long days. But every single moment of that is worth it, kn…

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“De wata bring we and de wata gwine tek we bak” is one of the thousands of Gullah/Geechee proverbs that stand as a testimony ta de muddawit of our ancestors that navigated these waters to not only feed our bodies but to nourish their own souls.

“People are known by the records they keep,” observed Pulitzer prize-winning writer and human rights activist Alice Walker. “If it isn’t in the record,” she continues, “it will be said that it did not happen. That’s what history is…a keeping of records.”

If you had asked me around this time last year, if I thought about moving to Charleston, my answer would have been absolutely, “No.” I am from Columbia, South Carolina, and a devoted Soda City girl. I loved my city more than anything, and never thought I would live anywhere else. But sometim…

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When coronavirus hit Charleston, so many of the businesses and events that season the city had to close their doors. It was a blow to a flavorful downtown, but one that paved the way for the city's children to explore their home in a brand new way.

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Fall is officially here, and even though our foliage might not blaze as brightly as it does elsewhere, we still got some beautiful fall colors in the submissions this week.

Dr. Katherine Taylor, a veterinary oncologist, says the biggest improvement in our ability to diagnose lymphoma in animals is the addition of the two tests that look for genetic or cell-surface changes that help diagnose the disease. Their addition has practically eliminated the need to ever get a biopsy. 

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