Father, son unhurt after plane crash in Mount Pleasant marsh

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter lowers a rescue swimmer to check for occupants and to check for leaking fuel in an small airplane in the marsh between Mount Pleasant and Sullivan's Island (in background) on Saturday afternoon -- a man and his son had alread

A father and his 10-year-old son walked away from a downed dual-engine Cessna that crashed in the marsh off Old Village Landing this afternoon.

The plane was flying around Mount Pleasant when witnesses heard it go around and bank into the marsh. The tail is the only part of the plane visible sticking up out of the marsh, eyewitnesses said.

The Cessna twin-engine prop plane landed flat on its belly in the marsh, according to Mount Pleasant Police Sgt. R.H. Googe.

People who were walking along the Pitt Street Bridge and Ben Sawyer Bridge called in the crash.

Brian Whitsitt was in his house nearby and heard a plane noise. Then all of a sudden, "it just kind of went quiet quickly."

When he went outside and saw the plane, his first thought was, "why is that in the marsh?"

Whitsitt saw the pilot and his son get out of the plane and walk away, and said they looked fine.

The plane is in the marsh off Old Village Landing, off Center Steet, and appears to be about a quarter mile from an area near the Pirate's Cove neighborhood.

When the pilot and his son came back in "they looked no worse for the wear, other than being muddy," Googe said.

Googe said the thought was that the plane banked straight into the marsh.

The FAA and NTSB are en route and SC DNR is said to be in the vicinity checking for any potential fuel leaks in the marsh. The Coast Guard is also on scene.

The pilot is believed to be Arthur Parker of 640 Pitt St. He declined to comment, according to someone who answered the door at Parker's Old Village home.