A few extra deputies are patrolling Cane Bay High School this morning to calm fears about an unfounded rumor of gun violence circulating the social media site Twitter, Berkeley County sheriff's Maj. Ricky Driggers said.

Driggers said they investigated rumors that there would be a shooting at the school and found no truth behind them. He said the extra deputies are at the school anyway so students and parents feel safe.

The rumor was two students had an altercation back in October and one threatened to bring a gun to the school. Driggers said they couldn't verify the threat ever took place but the rumors persisted on the social networking site.

"We put deputies at the school just to let them know everyone is safe," Driggers said.

Berkeley County School District spokeswoman Kathie Sizemore said the extra law enforcement is a precautionary measure as school officials diffuse the rumor that spread across social media. The extra deputies will remain there as long as necessary, she said.

"There's no safer place for students today than Cane Bay High School," Sizemore said.