I am writing to express my dismay at the articles in the June 26 Post and Courier and the coverage of the protest outside Airport High School at the campaign event for Henry McMaster.

I thought the coverage was not balanced and showed a prejudice by solely focusing on Trump supporters. There was one short paragraph about the protesters on page A4.

I was one of those protesters, along with the 250 or so other people out there in the heat and rain. We also feel passionately about Donald Trump and the harm he is doing to our country.

In addition to the constant lies and his lack of civility, he is attempting to tear down our democratic institutions and to thwart the Constitution. The Post and Courier didn’t give balanced reporting to the people who care deeply about the destruction of our country by the president and GOP lawmakers in Washington who are scared to death of his wrath.

Next time I hope you will rise to the level of exceptional reporting that you are known for and offer both sides of the story.

Deborah Rodriguez


Colleton County

Democratic Party

Overhill Drive