CAIRO — Egypt’s ruling military decreed on Tuesday that the country’s first parliamentary elections since Hosni Mubarak’s ouster will begin Nov. 28.

The state news agency and television quoted a statement by the ruling military council, which took over from Mubarak in February. The announcement ended months of speculation on the timing of the key vote.

The elections for parliament’s two chambers will be staggered over several months, with the vote for the People’s Assembly starting Nov. 28 and balloting for the less powerful Shura Council, the chamber’s upper house, on Jan. 29.

The last parliamentary elections under Mubarak were held in November and December last year, when the ousted leader’s now-dissolved ruling party swept the vote, winning all but a handful of seats in the People’s Assembly.

The vote was widely thought to be the most fraudulent under Mubarak’s 29-year rule and considered one of the causes behind an 18-day popular uprising that forced him to step down on Feb. 11.