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The Lexington One School District board is expected to vote at the end of February on whether to finish off its list of capital projects that were a part of the 2018 bond referendum, or ditch plans to build the final school, an elementary in the River Bluff area, due to soaring costs. 

South Carolina schools returning to in-person instruction earlier than other states may be a factor in why the state hasn’t lost as many students as other places have.

A Richland County judge denied a motion on Dec. 2 by attorneys representing former Lexington-Richland Five school board vice chairman Ken Loveless to move forward with a defamation and libel suit against one of the ex-board member's former constituents over comments on a Facebook site she ran.

Two sisters who attend Meadowfield Elementary School in Columbia have sold their lemonade online and at Soda City Farmer's Market for more than two years, and Richland County School District One is including the twins' specialty beverage with the Thanksgiving meals they're providing to families.

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