Woman's DUI arrest no April Fools' joke

A woman who was driving erratically and ran a red light was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence despite the fact that her blood alcohol level was less than 0.08 percent, a Mount Pleasant Police report says.

An officer was driving northbound on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard around 11 p.m. April 1 when he saw a sedan run a red light at Anna Knapp Boulevard. The officer followed the car, which crossed the dotted line into the left lane three times. The officer then turned on the cruiser's lights, and the sedan pulled into a parking lot, the report says.

The officer asked the driver for her license, registration and proof of insurance.

The officer noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the car, the report says. When asked where she was coming from, the 58-year-old woman initially said she had been at a restaurant in downtown Charleston. When asked for more details, she said she had attended a wine tasting and that she drank less than two glasses of wine total, the report says.

The officer then conducted a series of field sobriety tests. The woman was able to say the alphabet, but she couldn't successfully complete other tests, including one that required her to stand on one leg for a specified amount of time, the report says.

When asked to rate herself on a scale of 1-10 -- with 1 being completely sober and 10 being completely drunk -- she rated herself at 3. The officer then arrested the woman and transported her to the police department, where a breath exam was given, the report says.

The woman's blood alcohol level 0.04 percent. She was transferred to the Charleston County Detention Center and booked on a charge of driving under the influence, the report says.

Man phones in threat over newspaper theft

On April 11, a 36-year-old Mount Pleasant woman received a call from a man who said, "I know you're the one who's taking my newspaper, and I'm coming over there to take care of you," a Mount Pleasant police report says.

The woman called police after receiving the call on her home phone around 10 a.m. She said she did not recognize the phone number on her caller ID and that the caller seemed to be extremely agitated, the report says.

The officer tried to contact the man by telephone, but a recording said the number no longer was accepting incoming calls. The woman asked the officer to tell the man not to call her again if the officer was able to contact him, the report says.

Mt. Pleasant woman outsmarts scam artist

On April 11, a 57-year-old woman contacted the Mount Pleasant Police Department after she received a call from a man claiming to be a Drug Enforcement Administration agent in Virginia who had a warrant for her arrest.

When police arrived at her home, the woman explained that the man had called twice in the past hour. During the first call, the man told the woman that she illegally bought medical drugs via the mail, and she would be arrested if she didn't pay $3,500.

The woman asked the man his supervisor's name and then she hung up, the report says.

The man called back a few minutes later and said agents were close by and would be stopping at the woman's house to arrest her if she did not pay the money. The woman's husband got on the phone with the man, and the man became aggravated and yelled at him, the report says.

The woman then used Google to search for the number that appeared on her caller ID. She found several online posts from people who said that number was connected to a scam, and anyone receiving a call from there should call a DEA number to report it, the report says.

A Mount Pleasant officer called the local DEA office, which confirmed that the phone calls are a scam and that the number posted on the website to file complaints was valid.

Police called the number and left a message for agents to call them back, the report says.

Woman arrested on DUI charge at drive-thru

A woman reportedly hit two other vehicles in a restaurant's drive-thru line, ran into a concrete pole and still managed to pick up her to-go order before being detained by a fellow diner and arrested on a driving under the influence charge, according to a Charleston County Sheriff's Office report.

The report says the 45-year-old Mount Pleasant woman had a blood-alcohol level of 0.21 percent.

The incident happened about 11 a.m. April 17 on James Island. A man told deputies he was waiting in line when the woman's vehicle rear-ended his. He said the woman then backed her vehicle into another car waiting in line, the report says.

The man and another witness told deputies the woman then drove out of the line, attempted to maneuver back into line and rammed a pole before getting back into line and picking up her food, the report says.

The man whose car was rear-ended stopped the woman from leaving the parking lot and called the sheriff's office, the report says.

The man reportedly told deputies the woman "reeked of alcohol."

A deputy added in the report that the woman had slurred speech and "slow, lethargic movements."

The woman said she "barely hit" the man's car, and that she didn't try to leave the accident scene. The woman said she'd been drinking the night before but had stopped by midnight, the report states.

The woman performed poorly on roadside sobriety tests and was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, the report says.

She registered almost three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent when her breath was tested at the Charleston County Detention Center, the report says.

These news items were taken from incident reports from the Mount Pleasant Police Department and Charleston County Sheriff's Office.