Sixty grand trees -- live oaks, laurel oaks, magnolias and others -- might soon face the ax in the last wooded stretch of Maybank Highway on James Island. It would clear the way for 300 apartments, at least, in buildings set largely along the road.

The felling and the proposed development has neighbors cringing and motorists worried about a highway already jammed with rush hour traffic.

"I'd hate to see them cut it and I don't know that we need another giant development on James Island. It's going to make that area even more congested," said Barbara Knight, former president of the garden club in nearby Riverland Terrace.

The apartment complex would be "one of the densest areas on James Island and the highest density along Maybank Road," said Katie Zimmerman, a project manager for the Coastal Conservation League.

An application to fell the trees will be considered by the Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals on Dec. 7.

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