HANAHAN -Officers who halted an assault last month used a stun gun to subdue two suspects, and drew a gun on one of the suspects when the Taser failed to slow him down, a police report states.

Police charged 48-year-old James Everett Tolbert of Columbia with attempted murder and charged his girlfriend, 49-year-old Elise Reese, with second degree assault and battery. Both were being held Monday at the Berkeley County Detention Center. Tolbert’s bail was set at $25,000 and Reese’s at $5,000.

Police received a call about a disturbance at 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving day.

The caller told a dispatcher that “if police did not get there we would need to send the coroner,” according to the report.

Police who came to 1006 Waring Road found Reese and her boyfriend, Tolbert, both in the street and yelling. Reese was “yelling that someone had taken her cell phone, the report states.

The report said both persons smelled of alcohol and admitted they had been drinking. Reese reportedly told officers that Reese’s cousin, Jerome Waring, “had taken her cell phone, ran around the neighborhood and then gave the cell phone back to her, which is what she called 911 from,” the report reads.

While speaking to officers, Tolbert started walking to a trailer at the end of the road, and Reese -- the report said -- told the officers they “needed to hurry up or someone was going to end up dead.”

The report states that Waring came out of the rear door of the trailer, and Reese and Tolbert began yelling at him, and telling him they wanted into the residence to get their belongings.

Reese and Tolbert “came towards Jerome Waring in an aggressive manner,” and Reese grabbed an iron rake from a wall and missed in an attempt to strike Waring Tolbert jumped on top of Waring, and was joined in the fray by Reese, who refused officers’ orders to stop fighting, the report said.

An officer tased Reese, who ceased fighting and stayed on the ground, but Tolbert was not stopped by a taser probe into his back, the report said.

Tolbert then jumped on Waring with a knife, attempting to stab him, while stating, “I’m going to kill you,” the report said. An officer holstered his taser and drew his police sidearm, and ordered that Tolbert drop the knife. Tolbert got off of Waring but refused to drop the knife and began walking around a tree. An officer wrote in the report that he could not have fired his gun with so many other people in the background.

Tolbert finally went onto the porch, where after numerous commands dropped the knife and was handcuffed, the report said.

EMS treated both Reese and Waring at the scene. Waring declined a trip to the hospital, the report said.