Confederate flag upsets neighborhood

Residents of the predominately black Brownsville community in Summerville are angered over a neighbor's Confederate battle flag.

SUMMERVILLE - A Confederate flag flaps from the porch. A sign along metal fence reads “Confederate Boulevard.” The small coupe in the driveway is emblazoned with Confederate symbols.

Right in the middle of the Brownsville community, the historically black Summerville neighborhood. The people who live around the home are outraged. Others in the community roll past in their cars, staring in disbelief.

A cross was burned here years ago, neighbors say.

The new residents moved in a few months ago, and what they have done can't be tolerated, neighbors and community leaders say.

The community is holding a meeting tonight to consider its options.

A woman who came to the door at the home would not give her name. But she said she doesn't tell her neighbors what to hang in their yards and they don't tell her what to hang in hers.

The dispute is the latest in a long line of confrontations over flying the flag that some people says is a symbol of heritage and others say a symbol of hate. The division came to a very public head in the effort a decade ago to remove the flag from the statehouse.

In Brownsville, community leaders are trying to defuse the situation because they worry about a potential for violence.

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