A company that manufactures manmade fibers is investing $7 million and adding 75 jobs in Williamsburg County.

Palmetto Synthetics LLC said today it is expanding its existing plant in the town of Kingstree. The new building and equipment line are scheduled to be completed next March.

"We continue to see demand growth for our products, and this expansion will allow us to further grow our market share," said David Poston, vice president of Palmetto Synthetics.

The company's Williamsburg County operations makes specialty polyester fibers used in a range of applications, from apparel to automotive products, according to the state Department of Commerce.

A previous expansion of the 250,000-square-foot Kingstree plant was completed in September 2008.

Palmetto Synthetics said it will begin filling the new positions in January through the Kingstree Workforce Center at 530 Martin L. King Jr. Ave., Kingstree.

Williamsburg County's jobless rate in July was 16th highest in the state at 14.1 percent.