sunrisebistroSunrise Bistro’s downtown Charleston location may be significantly smaller than its Johns Island digs, but the menu is far from puny. The café, which opened this week, offers 19 breakfast entrees (not counting bagels and egg sandwiches); 15 sandwiches; 10 salads; three quesadillas and a half-dozen different desserts. There’s also an espresso program. Open every day but Sunday from 7 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Sunrise Bistro Express is the second restaurant to try making a go of it at 116 Spring St since The Black Bean Company moved out last year. Austin’s Food & Drink failed after a few months, allowing Sunrise Bistro to acquire the venue in a turnkey deal. “We’ve built ourselves a reputation,” co-owner Jessica Welenteichick last November said when asked about her chances for success. For more information, call 297-4509. The complete menu is here.