Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace has apparently upset some of the lunatics in the social media asylum.

“You have stabbed us in the back.”

“Enjoy your one term.”

“You are history.”

Since the new 1st District congresswoman announced she wouldn’t object to the Electoral College certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s win, Mace has been accosted on the streets and online. One person even threatened to shoot her. Which is about as classy as it is effective.

Because Mace, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, isn’t intimidated by a little hazing.

“I don’t care if I am reelected again right now,” Mace said last week on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily.” “My kids and my country are worth saving. We need to respect the Constitution and the rule of law. We can’t lie to the American people, and that’s what’s been going on the last few weeks.”

Mad props to Mace for speaking the truth while most of her colleagues obfuscated.

President Donald Trump has insisted for two months that he won the election “in a landslide,” and unfortunately there are many people who believe every contradictory thing he says … no matter what the press, GOP state officials, federal judges — or their own eyes and ears — say.

Last week, to the surprise of no one who’s been paying attention, all that rhetoric turned to violence, and five people died … one of them inside the United States Capitol. As Mace said, Washington looked like a third-world country, and she blamed misleading rhetoric and outright baloney.

“Millions of Americans were lied to,” Mace said. “They were told that the vice president could overthrow the results of the Electoral College.”

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Yes, that was a lie. Or, at the very least, a stunning display of ignorance.

Look, Mace isn’t some lefty flower child. In fact, she’s been a Trump supporter for years and clung to his coattails more than many thought she should during a campaign in the politically diverse 1st District. It likely helped her beat incumbent congressman Joe Cunningham.

But since then, Mace has seemingly taken the best play from Cunningham’s book. That is, she’s been moderate, plain-spoken and brimming with common sense. Which is usually pretty good politics in the Lowcountry.

“This was not a protest, they were rioters, this was an angry mob,” Mace said. “Everyone knew going into the chamber that it was a futile attempt. … There’s no way in hell you can adjudicate, investigate or really present evidence of voter fraud on the floor of the U.S. House during a ceremonial vote to certify the Electoral College.”

That sort of straight talk landed her on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and National Public Radio in just her first week as a member of Congress. Not many freshmen lawmakers attract such national attention, but Mace stood out because she was debunking demagoguery while too many of her colleagues were still riding the crazy train.

Unfortunately, some people don’t want to hear it. When a man claiming to be a constituent stopped her on a D.C. street Tuesday night, Mace explained the futility (not to mention illegality) of attempting to overturn the will of 81 million voters. He wouldn’t listen. There’s no arguing with ignorant.

As seen on Twitter, some have already written off Mace. Particularly since she said Trump’s “entire legacy was wiped out” when he incited a mob to storm our seat of government.

Perhaps Mace is just extra savvy, or at least ahead of the curve, since more and more Republicans have followed her lead and started abandoning the SS Trump. And Mace hasn’t completely jumped ship; she hits the voter fraud talking points. Still, the congresswoman gets big points for not going along with that charade of a coup.

If such frankness costs Mace some supporters, it is gaining her exponentially more. Because in one week she’s shown more spine — and integrity — than Joe Wilson, Ralph Norman and South Carolina’s other Republican House members have displayed in their entire careers.

They all participated in an absurd and reprehensible bit of political theater while Mace actually followed the oath she took to defend the Constitution.

As Cunningham found, Mace is never going to make everyone — particularly internet trolls — happy. But if the rest of her first term goes like her first week, the Twitterati will be proven wrong about one thing. Nancy Mace will have a seat in Congress for as long as she wants it.

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